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VCI Sheets (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor)

Manufacturers and Suppliers of VCI Poly Sheets and VCI Bags

Sangamam Polymers offers VCI Poly Sheeting that protects metals from rusting. VCI Sheeting is great for creating your own custom packaging to fit any size parts and can be heat sealed, tied, folded, stapled or taped. It is eco-friendly and recyclable.
VCI Poly Sheeting protects & insulates metal surfaces from corrosion-causing contaminants by emitting a vapor that adheres to the surface of the metal and forming a corrosion inhibiting layer. There is no need to clean the part and it is immediately ready for use once it is removed from the VCI Poly Sheeting.

Sangamam Polymers offered VCI Poly Sheets, VCI Bags, VCI Sheeting meets Industry standard specifications and is manufactured with an industry standard transparent light blue tint for easy inspection of packaged parts. Custom VCI Sheeting is also available.


  • ✔  Reliable corrosion free and long-term protection for your products

  • ✔   Cost savings for your company

  • ✔   Environmentally friendly and recyclable

  • ✔   No health and safety hazards

  • ✔  Simple and secure applications

  • ✔   Eliminates the use of protective oils and greases, and the need to wash them off prior to component assembly or use.

  • ✔   Reliable and prompt technical advice from our team, together with a vast product range and customized options to address client needs.

Sangamam Polymers, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India; is a manufacturers and suppliers of VCI Poly Sheeting, VCI Polythene Sheet, VCI Sheet, VCI Poly Sheets and VCI Bags. We are supplying our products overall Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra, Telangana and Pondicherry.